About Us

Since 1988, STAT Transcription Service, Inc., has provided unmatched personalized service, top-quality, HIPAA compliant transcription at competitive rates. Dictate 24/7 from any phone and receive your reports via secure email. There is no software to download, no set-up fees, and everything is included in one low rate.

  • Competitive Rates

Are you paying an employee to do your transcription?  When you consider the hourly rate and benefits, it is much more cost effective to use STAT for your transcription needs.  You will only pay for the reports that are transcribed, and you won't have the headache of dealing with sick time or vacation coverage.  STAT's rates are extremely competitive and in some cases, our clients have saved more than 40% on their transcription costs.

  • No contract required

With STAT, there are no contracts to sign, no set-up fees, and no hassles. We are here to serve you whether you dictate one report a month or a thousand reports a day.

  • Fast turnaround time

You will have your reports within 24-48 hours of dictation. “Stat” reports will be returned within 4 hours or less, or depending on your needs.

  • 99+% accuracy guaranteed

Our transcriptionists have decades of experience and are truly the best of the best. You will not find a more high quality, dedicated team.

  • Never have, never will outsource overseas

More and more transcription companies are outsourcing their work to India, Philippines, and elsewhere overseas - sometimes even without their clients’ knowledge. In addition to the obvious HIPAA and confidentiality issues,  quality and accuracy are usually very poor. All STAT transcriptionists are located exclusively in the United States, have decades of experience, and you are guaranteed 99% accuracy.  

  • Easy to use, toll-free dictation system

Our dictation system is user friendly and fully customizable for every dictator. If you want to be reminded to dictate a medical record number, we will set up a prompt for you. Training takes only minutes, and you will be on your way to dictating your reports. 

  • Dictate from any phone

Call from any phone – at the office, from your cell phone, or from home.

  • HIPAA compliant

We are fully compliant with all HIPAA guidelines and regulations.

  • Free customization of reports to your specification

We can customize your reports with your facility name, address, and any other information you would like on your reports. We can also format your reports to be consistent with your current records. As always, this is a free service.  If you have your own EMR system, STAT will transcribe directly into your system.